Copper imports increased considerably

According to the Federal Statistical Office the average price for one ton of copper has almost tripled since the year 2000. In total 1.1 million tons of copper ore and copper concentrate were imported to Germany in 2006 which corresponds to an average price of 1349 Euros per ton of copper. The main importer is Chile which is the biggest copper producer worldwide.

Last year about 378.000 tons of copper to the amount of 492.3 million Euros were imported to Germany. The following most important copper importers to Germany were Argentina and Peru with 272.2 and 202.1 million Euros of imported copper respectively. Papua New Guinea and Brazil are very important supplier countries too.

Europe┬┤s most important copper producer is Portugal from which 31.000 tons of copper ore to the amount of 2.8 million Euros were imported to Germany last year. GERMAN