Ten product classes account for fifty percent of retail sale turnover

According to the Federal Statistical Office, the German retail trade (motor vehicles excluded) generated almost half of its turnover (45%) in just ten out of 59 product classes. Most turnover was generated in the field of pharmaceutical products (8.3% of total turnover), followed by ladies´ wear (5.9%) and foodstuffs (5.7%).

Apart from the above mentioned foodstuffs, meat, meat products, poultry and venison (4.4%) as well as confectionary including ice-cream (2.8%) were also among those ten product classes generating most of the turnover in the German retail trade.
Men´s wear had a share of 2.9% of total retail trade turnover in 2005 and thus played quite an important role. However, the turnover generated by it was just half as much as that generated by ladies´ wear.

The ten product classes which generated least turnover in 2005 accounted for just 2.8% of total turnover. Among others these included musical instruments (0.3%), photo and optical products (0.3%), wood, cork, wickerwork products and furs (0.1% each). GERMAN