Ranking of foodstuff suppliers

The corporations Nestlé, Vion and Procter & Gamble are at the top of this year´s list of major suppliers to the German foodstuff trade, as was reported by Lebensmittel Zeitung in its latest edition. The top 80 of this list have an aggregate turnover of 74 billion Euros and the ranking also shows that there are numerous small and medium-sized German trade entities asserting themselves against global players.

In order to assess the turnover in foodstuffs supplied to the German trade the overall turnovers of the suppliers were adjusted. In many cases the editorial staff of the Lebensmittel Zeitung made use of their own sound estimates. It turned out that the turnover generated in Germany is stagnating for many of the suppliers in question.

The entire ranking of top suppliers to the German foodstuff trade is available online. GERMAN