Social Networking more and more popular within companies

A survey conducted in spring this year by the “Institute for Corporate Productivity” on the issue of “Use of Social Networking” revealed that employees also make use of Social Networking in their daily work.

About one half (52%) use Social Networking within their companies for their work with colleagues in their company, while 47% also use it in their work with clients. Social Networking is also used in order to increase the know-how of a company. More than half of those questioned (55%) said that they use it in order to share the experiences of high performers in their teams with others and 49% use it in order to solve current problems as soon as possible. Social Networking is said to improve the productivity of a company by:

– better coordination of the work of employees
– high performers more strongly bound to a company
– new employees get more quickly acquainted with their work given to better know-how
– formation of very different communities of interest within big organisations