Outsourcing wave good for German software developers

When it comes to outsourcing German IT executives prefer Germany. 88% of German decision makers in the IT field have already co-operated with German software developers. Ready availability, continuity in development and legal security are features of German IT developers which quite often outweigh the cost advantages provided by offshore developers. Even in cases when German companies do outsource software development projects to foreign IT developers, most jobs in Germany are preserved.

This fact is also the reason for German computer science graduates still having very good career prospects: 29.8% of IT job vacancies for graduates are addressed to software developers. These are the findings presented by the job scout of the PPI AG consulting and software enterprise which analyzed job vacancies of the 100 most important German IT companies.

Another finding: The vacancies are not exclusively addressed to computer scientists. Even though in four out of five job ads computer science graduates are explicitly mentioned as the ideal candidates, 40% of these jobs advertised are also accessible to engineers and about one quarter to business data processing specialist.

However, these vacancies are limited to just a few regions: thus 40.3% of vacancies for software developers (and 29.5% of all vacancies for computer scientists) relate to jobs in Bavaria followed by North Rhine-Westphalia (22.6%) and Hesse with 15.1%. GERMAN