German exports increased strongly in June

According to the Federal Statistical Office, in June 2007 Germany exported and imported goods to the value of 82.0 million and 65.5 million Euros respectively. Thus, German exports increased by 11.9% and imports by 9.0% as compared to June 2006. As compared to May 2007 foreign trade figures also improved (adjusted for calendar and season: exports +2.1%, imports +6.7%).

The foreign trade balance closed with a surplus of 16.5 billion Euros in June 2007, while in June last year the surplus had been 13.1 billion Euros. Adjusted for calendar and season the foreign trade balance surplus amounted to 14.9 billion Euros in June 2007.

According to provisional calculations by the German Bundesbank, the German balance of current accounts closed with a surplus of 16.6 billion Euros in June 2007 after a surplus of 12.0 billion Euros in June last year.

According to the Federal Statistical Office all of the above figures are provisional. GERMAN