Many German managers do not receive any bonuses

Almost 60% of German managers have never received any gratification. This was revealed in the course of a survey conducted by the StepStone online job market. Just 28% of German executives and specialists said to have contractual gratifications agreed upon with their employers. Another 14% said to receive gratifications on an irregular basis in case that their companies are very successful.

»Gratifications and bonuses improve employees´ motivation and their willingness to perform. Therefore they are an important investment for any company. This fact should be seriously taken into account by many employers in particular against the backdrop of a lack of experts and the following competition for qualified personnel», says Wolfgang Bruhn, who is managing director of StepStone Germany.

Most wide-spread are gratifications in France and Italy where 38% and 36% respectively of executives and specialists receive contractually agreed bonuses. Bottom of the league is Denmark where 65% of those questioned have never received bonuses while just 24% have stipulated such gratifications contractually. In Europe, on average 55% have never received any bonuses while 32% agreed on such bonuses with their companies.

The total number of participants in the StepStone survey was 19.655 (of whom 7267 executives and specialists). These came from Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and France. GERMAN