50% of companies do not spend money on PR

Good PR increases the business opportunities of a company. However, small companies quite often lack the money needed for traditional publicity. More than half of all small companies (52%) therefore completely do without any PR. The percentage of such companies is particularly high in the service sector (60%).

The above is the finding of a survey conducted by the TechConsult market research institute on behalf of Microsoft Germany. On the other hand, 48% percent of companies are active in terms of publicity. In particular small trade enterprises attach importance to PR. Thus, 24% of these businesses carry out PR campaigns regularly on a monthly basis, 13% on a weekly basis and 16% once per season.

On average small companies spend about 10.500 Euros each year on advertising. The biggest PR budget is at the disposal of small industrial companies, whereas money broker and money agencies spent least given that their parent companies most of the time organize central PR campaigns. The major share of PR budgets in small companies is spent on traditional so-called offline PR methods.

The survey was conducted as part of the »Microsoft Trendbarometer für kleine Unternehmen« panel study the findings of which can be gathered online from www.kleineUnternehmen.de/trendbarometer. GERMAN