Progressive people use biodiesel

According to a survey by the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Qualit├Ątsmanagement Biodiesel (AGQM) the carrying business was the most important customer of the German biodiesel economy consuming 1.25 mio tons of this environment-friendly fuel. Experts believe that the tax-privileged price of biodiesel helped to prevent Germans from refuelling abroad.

Second most important customer for biodiesel in the year 2006 was the petroleum industry which used 1 million tons of biodiesel as admixture to conventional diesel. In the opinion of the AGQM the future development of turnover in biodiesel is already today impaired by the gradually increasing taxation of pure biodiesel. The next taxation increase planned for January 2008 which is going to increase the price of pure biodiesel by six cents is set to impair this sales channel even further. GERMAN