Managers get to know the Russian Market and economy

For several years the Federal Ministry for economic affairs and technology has provided further education to Russian executives in Germany. Last year this educational programme was extended by another one aimed at giving training to young German executives from small and medium-sized entities in companies in Russia.

The objective of this extension is to better integrate German SMEs in German-Russian business relations thereby opening up new vistas to them. During the programme the young German executives will gain an insight into the way several Russian enterprises work as well as get to know regional markets and furthermore they will be supported in making contact with potential Russian business partners.

On invitation by the Russian government the young top managers will spend three weeks in Russia in order to get to know the world of business there. The programme starts with a seven –day course at a Russian University while keeping in close contact with regional businesses in Russia. The following eight-day company internship will be done in Russian companies wishing to intensify their business relations with Germany. Six months after their return to Germany the managers will attend an evaluation seminar.

The project is supported by the Ministry for economic development and trade of the Russian Federation in co-operation with the Federal Ministry for economic affairs and technology. In 2007 the training programmes in question will take place in September and November in the European and Sibirian parts of Russia. Applications may be submitted by July 1st 2007.

On behalf of the German and Russian Ministries for economic affairs the programmes are coordinated in Germany by the InWEnt gGmbH in Bonn. Managers who are interested in taking part find detailed information and application documents on the internet. GERMAN