New ranking of companies using renewable sources of energy

Over recent years the increasing necessity to make use of renewable sources of energy has led to the advent of a new industrial sector in Germany which has meanwhile developped into an important line of business with an annual turnover of about 32 billion Euros. The Darmstadt-based Hoppenstedt business information service provider has now established a ranking of companies in this new renewable energy sector listed by company size.

According to Hoppenstedt, about 200 German companies with an annual turnover of more than 20 million Euros each do business with renewable sources of energy. Important fields of activity are solar energy, wind and water power as well as bio fuels. Among the top 50 are 28 public limited companies. In the meantime even a stock index listing the world´s leading companies in this field was set up and can be looked up on the internet. The Deutsche Börse also introduced an index comprising German companies which is called “Prime IG Renewable Energies Performance-Index“. Over the last three years the performance of this index has virtually quintupled and clearly outperformed the Dax.

Here the top ten of the Hoppenstedt ranking:

  • 1. Vestas Deutschland GmbH (wind power)
  • 2. Conergy AG (solar energy/wind power)
  • 3. Enercon GmbH (wind power)
  • 4. Winergy AG (wind power)
  • 5. SolarWorld AG (solar energy)
  • 6. E.ON Wasserkraft GmbH (water power)
  • 7. REpower Systems AG (wind power)
  • 8. Nordex AG (wind power)
  • 9. Q-Cells AG (solar energy)
  • 10. Verbio AG (bio fuel)
  • Matomo