The demographic development in Germany is already influencing the economy. And this influence is set to increase strongly over the years to come and affect in particular small and medium-sized entities. A recent demographic report by the Bertelsmann foundation shows that even in economically strong federal states such as Bavaria and Baden-W├╝rttemberg there is a need for action.

All federal states are already being affected by demographic change. Although the population is shrinking only in the new states, the average age is also increasing in the old federal states. As a consequence of this, the percentage of working people in proportion to the total population is decreasing. Over recent years this development has been particularly alarming with regard to men, whereas the situation for women has developped quite positively in some federal states. However, the increase with women could not compensate for the decrease with men. In the past the consequences of this demographic change were set off in particular by increases in productivity. However, the analysis contained in the demographic report indicates that productivity increases are at risk. Thus, for example, for all federal states there is a need for action as far as spending on education is concerned, in some cases even an urgend need.

The interactive »Demographiemonitor« report provides data in a well-arranged manner grouped by individual federal state online. GERMAN