Biggest tender to contract in the history of EU research sponsorship launched

The EU is looking for research projects in the field of information and communications technologies (ICT). Proposals should be submitted no later than May 8th 2007. This year the projects in question will be sponsored by the EU Commission with 1.2 billion Euros. According to the Commission this year´s tender to contract (TTC) is the greatest so far in the history of EU research sponsorship.

Companies and institutions from all over Europe and beyond may participate in the TTC. Projects consortia are to submit a joint proposal which will then be assessed by independent experts who will select most qualitative proposals.

This year´s EU research sponsorship includes European strengths such as communications, software systems and services, media networking, electronics and embedded systems. But other topics important to society like traffic systems, health care and energy efficiency are covered by the sponsorship as well. Furthermore, another important role is played by basic research in fields like the internet of the future which is a core component in communications technology research.

All details as well as background information on the European research programmes and joint technological initiatives are available on the website of the Commission. GERMAN