Salaries paid in industry rose by 1.8 percent in October 2006

According to preliminary figures provided by the Federal Statistical Office people working full time in industry earned on average 3103 Euros in October 2006 which is an increase by 1.8% as compared to the previous month. Given that consumer prices increased by just 1.1% over the same period, salaries grew by 0.7 percent in real terms.

On average office staff earned 3961 Euros (+1.6%) and workers 2606 Euros (+1.7%) in October 2006. On the other hand the number of paid weekly working hours also rose by 1.2% to 38.5 hours so that hourly earnings by workers increased by just 0.5%.
In the service sector (trade, banking and insurance business) gross monthly salaries of office staff stood at 2832 Euros in trade (+1.6%) and 3498 Euros in banking and insurance business (+2.0%) and were thus lower than those paid to office staff in industry. Salaries paid to women rose by 2.1% in banking and insurance business which corresponds to an increase being by 0.3 percent stronger than that of their male colleagues (+1.8%). GERMAN