Fresh support for SMEs operating in rural and food economy

A new innovation programme launched by the Federal Ministry for Food, Agriculture and consumer protection (BMELV) is to blow fresh air into the German rural and food economy. Besides the strengthening of research, development and knowledge transfer this programme is also to create a better framework for new ideas. Business is to adopt a leading role in this process and on the basis of recent scientific discoveries develop new products and procedures being competitive internationally.

At the beginning of the programme innovative projects by small and medium-sized entities (SMEs) and research institutions co-operating with SMEs will be supported. Once an approval is received by the European Commission, it will also be possible to support major enterprises. Over the next years 20 million Euros will be available each year to this end.

Information on this programme as well as on other topics are available on the website of the Federal Agency for Agriculture and Dietics under the link innovation. GERMAN