Companies without their own website may soon advertise through AdWords

So far anybody wanting to advertise through Adwords on the popular Google internet research engine, had to establish their own website, something which could turn out to be quite problematic to very small companies. For this reason Google offers a mini solution of restricted scope for these companies which is for the time being available to US clients only.

Companies without their own website receive a so-called landing page on Google, if they take out an ad on AdWords. However, there are no own website and internet address, but a single page under the Google internet address on which surfers will land, if they click on the ad. This page may be filled with important information on the company in question, i.e. contact details for potential clients such as phone numbers or addresses, without the need of having technical knowledge about internet design.

Rumours are afloat according to which this offer may soon be available in Germany too. GERMAN