In the eyes of Germans decision making is too slow in German companies

Almost fifty percent of Germans (47 percent) believe that the decision making processes in German companies are too slow and inflexible. Only 27 percent consider them to be flexible and uncomplicated. 26 percent cannot make up their mind in this respect. These are the findings of a current survey by the European job portal Stepstone which was carried out among more than 12.000 site visitors in eight European countries.

Although European employees unanimously think that decision making processes in their respective countries are too inflexible and slow, it is the Belgians who are particularly dissatisfied. 52 percent of them describe these processes to be just like that. The same opinion is shared by Germans (47 percent), Italians (44 percent) and the Dutch (48 percent).

The only exception are the Norwegians. Only 35 percent of them consider the decision making processes in Norwegian companies to be too slow, whereas 39 percent think that they are just the opposite.
The total number of StepStone visitors having taken part in the survey is 12.178, and detailed findings can be looked up on the internet. GERMAN