European Institute of Technology to be founded

The EU Commission has proposed the foundation of an European Institute of Technology (ETI). From the year 2008 a network consisting of “Knowledge and Innovation Communities” is to fulfill the tasks of the ETI. The ETI is to be financed by public and private sponsors. Says José Manuel Barroso, President of the Commission: “We need innovation in order to secure Europe´s competitiveness on a global scale. And we need a climate of thriving innovation in Europe.”
By the year 2013 the Institute may dispose of a budget amounting up to 2.4 billion Euro. It is to become a prime example of innovation, research and higher education in Europe demonstrating in which way universities, research institutions and the economy can be best possible networked. Comments José Manuel Barroso on the new proposal: „The ETI is to attract talents and bring together the best brains in a network triangle of knowledge. Through this network the ETI will bring down the walls which have so far separated research, education and companies from each other thereby unleashing Europe´s innovative potential.”
The ETI is to employ about 60 people. A board of 19 directors will determine the stategic priorities of the ETI. This board will decide which Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KIC) are to put into practice the objectives of the ETI. The board is to co-ordinate the work of the KIC which are the main feature of the ETI.
If the European Parliament and Council of Ministers adopt the proposal by the end of 2007, the ETI could be operative in 2008. Further pieces of information are available online. GERMAN