Self-employed people use internet the most

A recent study by the Forschungsgruppe Wahlen Online (FGW Online GmbH) has revealed that eight out of ten self-employed people use the internet which means that they form the most active group of internet users. Other findings of the study: The number of people making use of internet telephony has only grown by 1 percent in the third quarter with respect to the same quarter last year and currently stands at 11 percent. This increase is even smaller than that relating to internet users as a whole which amounted to +2 percent. The kind of internet use has hardly changed as well.
According to the study, in the third quarter this year 66 percent of Germans over 18 years of age had internet access, which is 2 percent more than in the same quarter last year.
The study also found out that in the third quarter 11 percent of Germans being 18 years or older used the net for making telephone calls. It is in particular the younger generation who make advantage of the possibility to make worldwide calls at a reduced cost or even for free. The older the user, the less interest there is in internet telephony: One out of five between 18 and 24 years of age use internet telephony, one out of ten between 50 and 59, but only 4 percent of those who are older than 60 years. There are quite big gender differences too: 14 percent of men, but only 8 percent of women make use of internet telephony.
There were also only little changes in the third quarter with regard to the way the internet is used: 69 percent use the net for online price comparisons, 60 percent buy products or services over the internet and 50 percent engage in online-banking. About one third (35 percent) got online news from the world of politics or the economy/stock exchange (30 percent) and 28 percent enquired about insurances on the internet whereas 10 percent did online brokering.
Another finding is that the more professional qualification a person has the more likely this person will be connected to the internet. Exactly 50 percent of workers have access to the internet, whereas this figure is 66 percent for employees and civil servants. Executives and high-grade civil servants and self-employed people are most strongly represented by 72 and 78 percent respectively.
These third quarter findings are based on telephone interviews. Further details are available in PDF format on the Forschungsgruppe website. The complete study can be ordered by email for the price of 40 Euro. GERMAN