Valuable information brochure on online management consulting and coaching available for SMEs

Consulting and in particular coaching are so-called “personal” services for the success of which there is the precondition of an intense co-operation between consultant and customer. This precondition is even more important for coaching than for consulting. Against this background, how important a role can online-consulting play and is such a version of this service useful at all?

In many cases the answer is certainly no. However, there are numerous situations in which online-consulting gives advantages to the customer as well as to the service provider. Those situations and the business models which can benefit from such a kind of consulting are described in the concise “0613- online management consulting and coaching” M-BlogDocument written by Dr. rer. nat. J├╝rgen Kaackn who is an experienced author, economic adviser and managing director of the STZ-Consulting Group.

The 11-page brochure in PDF format is as always available for free-of-charge download (approx. 1 MB). GERMAN