Germans feel attracted to working abroad

According to a press release Germans do not like working in their own country. More than one quarter of all employees would like it best to work abroad. A similar thing can be observed with French people: More than 20 percent would like to leave today rather than tomorrow in order to work in other countries.

This is the finding of a current survey by the European job portal stepstone carried out among almost 11.000 site visitors in eight European countries.

The situation is different in other European countries. In particular employees from Scandinavian countries turn out to feel much more attached to their home countries: Just six percent of Norwegians feel attracted by foreign labour markets and only 10 percent of Swedes would much more like to work abroad.

In total there were 10.958 visitors of the StepStone internet site in Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and France taking part in the survey. Detailed findings are available from StepStone. GERMAN