Chancellor Merkel addresses SMEs in podcast message

In her regular podcast the German Chancellor this time addresses small and medium-sized entities (SMEs). The motto of her campaign in favour of SMEs is “Try more freedom”. In her audio and video message Mrs. Angela Merkel explains how the German government wants to put into practice the plans of the campaign.

According to Merkel, SMEs are the driving force behind economic growth and employment in Germany: 70 percent of all employees are working in SMEs with 80 percent of training posts being provided by them. However, four to six percent of costs incurred by SMEs are a consequence of German bureaucracy. For this reason “the objective must be to curb these costs”, says Merkel. The launched campaign in favour of SMEs is said to be an important step into this direction. The exact measures taken can be found out by listening to the podcast, as is announced on the Chancellor’s official web page. GERMAN