IT security expert advises to use Apple computers

Graham Cluley, a senior technology consultant with the security specialist Sophos, recommends using Apple computers, as was communicated by the Pressetext news agency. His recommendation was given on the occasion of the presentation of Sophos´ half year report on virus infected computer programs and their spreading.

As was the case also in previous years, the 10 most serious malware attacks recorded over the first six months in 2006 were exclusively limited to Windows computer platforms. “To people wishing to buy a new computer for home use who consider to choose Apple, this might be a weighty argument”, says Cluley. Although his recommendation mainly applies to computer home users, who cannot afford IT security services, it is principally also true with regard to entrepreneurs and small companies without a sufficient IT security budget.

According to Sophos 82 percent of all new malware threats over the first six months in 2006 were posed by Trojan viruses (⇒ Wikipedia), which in order to spread depend on careless users. Here again Mac operating systems were virtually completely spared by attacks. According to Cluley statistical data was currently clearly speaking in favour of Apple-based computer systems. “For most cyber criminals the creation of Apple malware is simply too expensive and not worthwhile given that there is not a critical mass of users to be attacked”.

MittelstandsBlog thinks: If all people concerned heeded the specialist´s advice, the Apple computer world would in the end also turn into a lucrative field of activity to cyber criminals. This, however, would hardly be a solution to the malware problem. GERMAN