SMEs to benefit from improved reputation of temporary work

Something which is quite common on a European scale is also gaining ground in the German labour market: temporary works is meeting with increasing acceptance. Although its share of 1.4 percent in the German labour market is still relatively small as compared to other West European countries, it has grown by 10 percent to 9.1 billion Euros in 2005. According to the most recent forecasts by the InterConnection Consulting Group the barrier of ten billion Euros is expected to be taken this year as was announced by the Pressetext news agency.

This means that in 2006 half a million Germans will be employed temporarily. For the years to come experts forecast growth rates of between ten and fifteen percent. In view of the high unemployment rate in Germany the concept of temporary work is also increasingly becoming an alternative to university graduates in order to find their way into the labour market. 30 percent of temporary workers are subsequently assumed permanently by their employers. Thus, temporary work provides a possibility, in particular to small and medium-sized entities (SMEs), to employ and get to know highly qualified personnel without taking long-term financial risks. Furthermore it becomes easier for SMEs to find qualified people for projects which are limited in time. Further details on the forecasts mentioned are available on the website of the InterConnection Consulting Group. GERMAN