Salaries paid in the IT sector depend on company size and location

The Kienbaum executive consultancy has presented their »Executives and experts working in information technology branches« salary study for the year 2006 which examined 190 companies. According to the findings of the study, executive staff on average earn 101.000 Euros annually, whereas a specialist´s salary amounts to 57.000 Euros. On average executive salaries have risen by 2.4 percent whereas those for specialists have grown by 3.2 percent. The salaries of 32 percent of this group of people were raised already in January.

A very decisive factor for the salary level is company size. The head of an IT & work organization department may earn on average 173.000 Euros annually in a company with over 5.000 employees, whereas his counterpart in a company of up to 100 staff receives only 103.000 Euros (including bonuses). The salary is also strongly influenced by where a company´s headquarters is located: Dusseldorf and Hamburg are top, followed by Cologne, Dortmund and Munich. IT staff in the East of Germany are paid about 80 percent of the salaries of their Western counterparts.

This year 75 percent (in 2005: 61 percent) of IT executives in addition to a fixed salary will be remunerated by a variable salary part of on average 16.800 Euros. Only 49 percent (in 2005: 39 percent) of specialists will receive a variable extra salary of 6.600 Euros on average. However, both figures have risen markedly by about 10 percent as compared to last year. With regard to special bonuses a company car, which can also be used in private, is quite often offered (35 percent of executives and 8 percent of specialists).

The study can be bought from Kienbaum Vergütungsberatung. GERMAN