European charter wants facilitations for SMEs

For the European Commission small and medium-sized entities (SMEs) are at the centre of their policy. For that reason a day dedicated to SMEs is celebrated today in Brussels. Its motto: The EU is good for SMEs and SMEs are good for Europe. Similar events will take place in the first two weeks of June in several other European capitals.

In Vienna there will be the opening of the annual conference on an European charter for SMEs tomorrow. The conference, which lasts two days and is organised by the European Commission and Austria currently holding the presidency of the European Council, serves as a stage for the exchange of exemplary concepts among member states. These concepts are to further improve the general economic framework for SMEs in Europe. As was requested by the European Council on the occasion of its conference this spring, the topics at the top of this week´s conference agenda are quicker and simplified formalities with regard to the setting up of a company and the employment of staff.

With the European charter on SMEs the Commission wants to provide member states with the possibility to learn from each other in order to take and co-ordinate their national measures aimed to strengthen the economic position of SMEs in Europe. About 350 people from 47 countries will take part in the Vienna charter conference. Among these people there will be approximately 120 representatives of SMEs and organisations working for the promotion of business. GERMAN

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