We keep fingers crossed for Germany´s football team

Friday evening´s football match which saw Germany play against Columbia was a true booster to German confidence. Just remember Schweinsteiger´s excellent pass to Ballack who scored by head leaving no chance to the Columbian keeper. And then this spectacular free kick which sent the ball on a beautiful low-level flight passing around a somewhat weird two-man Columbian wall scoring a fantastic goal at a velocity of 119 km/hour. Yes, Schweinsteiger has the potential to become the star of the Championships! Not to forget Borowski who, having been put into the match just a few minutes before, scored another amazing goal. 3:0! There cannot be any better start into the weekend than this. Next Friday the long waiting will come to an end. The Football World Championships will kick off. Of course, we will keep our fingers crossed for our team.

You don´t care? How about your co-workers and colleagues? There may be more kickers among them than you possibly expect! Just let them indulge themselves in their soccer pleasure. In turn their team spirit will even be stronger. There is almost nothing better than watching together a thrilling soccer match in a relaxed atmosphere on a conference room´s big screen. Some bottles of beer, a few snacks and everyone will be in high spirits. There is hardly anything which could boost the motivation of your staff better than such a joyful soccer evening – as long as certain limits are not exceeded (see “Federal Supreme Court lifts FIFA´s trade name protection“, “Beware of dissuasions and licence fees during Football World Cup” as well as “Watching Football World Cup at work is controversial“).

Perfectionists may even stage their own championships. Of course not outdoor on the lawn, but indoor in your offices playing your own tabletop football championships. The equipment can be rented from kicker events. You do not have to be ashamed of your faible, since you would not be the first company cheering up your employees this way. Just have a look at the list of companies which have already rented the table kickers equipment.

Our team wishes you happy Whitsun and a very entertaining World Cup. May the best team win. GERMAN