Law on cuts in bureaucracy to be improved

Markus Gühl, chairman of the Aktionsgemeinschaft Wirtschaftlicher Mittelstand initiative (AWM), on the occasion of a committee hearing in the Lower House of German Parliament has called for the powers of the standard control board for cuts in bureaucracy to be extended in order for the board to work effectively. »The standard control board needs the power to be able to evaluate any drafts by the government and parliament on their effects on bureaucracy«, demands Mr. Guhl. »The muzzle planned by the government such as for job legislation matters prevents any true political discussion on the consequential costs of any political acting«.

“Bureaucracy is a problem in quite a lot of political spheres which in future has to be judged in relation to the political objective aimed at”, demands Guhl. According to him it was the right step to ease data protection standards for very small companies, because the costs entailed by the training of a data protection commissioner were in no relation with the risks to data protection involved. Furthermore, the electronic wage tax, the Jobcard (⇒ Wikipedia), and the abolition of the useless Bauabzugssteuer tax are urgently needed according to Mr. Guhl. GERMAN