New Excellent product of the year 2006 distinction to spur inventiveness of SME

The association Bundesverband Deutscher Mittelstandsberater e.V. (BVDM) as part of the „Du bist deutscher Mittelstand” awareness campaign ( has already reported on this) has created a new mark of distinction in order to pay tribute to small and medium-sized entities (SME) of merit. This „Excellent product of the year 2006″ mark of distinction will be awarded to products or product lines which make a demonstrable contribution to the reputation of German SME. This mark of quality will be awarded each year.

SME wishing to apply have to present themselves in writing and explain how and why their product promotes the standing of German SME. All applications will be checked individually. There are no fixed formal rules so that even the creators of very unusual products are encouraged to take part. However, one of the following requirements should be met: The product was conceived to meet the particular needs of small and medium-sized companies or the product is made exclusively in Germany (the raw materials, however, may be sourced worldwide).

What benefit is this distinction supposed to provide its holder with The holder may use it for advertising and will be introduced to a broad range of potential customers in the course of the various PR activities of the awarding association. GERMAN