SME frequently use content management systems

The Austrian Computerwelt magazine has published an interesting article on Content Management Systems (CMS) and small and medium-sized entities (SME) on their website. The article´s author, Roland Kissling, presents a study carried out by Tekom and TC and more GmbH which examined the current situation on the CMS market for technical documentations by questioning 18 manufacturers and 771 users.

The findings in brief: 57 percent of companies with more than 1.000 employees make use of CMS, whereas only 19 percent of companies with 51-250 staff do so. The requirements on CMS vary according to the size of a company too. Small and medium-sized companies more often use standard software (56 percent) than major enterprises (27 percent). 75 per cent of SME described the costs for the implementation of CMS as „small or medium”, but only 30 percent of major enterprises saw it this way. On average, the total costs were 10.000 Euros for SME. 55 percent of SME spent less than 10.000 Euros and 27 percent between 12.000 and 50.000 Euros. Major enterprises with more than 1.000 employees on average spent approx. 250.000 Euro, with 18 percent of them paying even more than one million Euros.
Altogether 67 percent of SME are satisfied with their CMS or even highly satisfied. Only seven percent are more or less dissatisfied. In 76 percent of the companies questioned the CMS system amortized after four years at the latest. For 41 percent it had already paid off after one or two years. GERMAN