Small and medium-sized companies are among the winners on the stock exchange

On Wednesday and Thursday the second General Standard conference of the German Stock Exchange took place in Frankfurt. About 40 companies listed in the Entry Standard and General Standard met with investors and analysts. For the first time this provided companies quoted in the Entry Standard with the opportunity to present themselves to investors and analysts as well as to come up with latest business figures and business models.

“The mood could not have been better”, reports the “Börse & Geld” magazine of the ARD public television. “Shares of smaller companies are among the big winners on the stock exchange in 2006”, was announced in a broad statement of the television channel (also see “Stock exchange increasingly accessible to small and medium-sized companies”, “German Stock exchange sets up a new market segment for SME”, “Advantages and disadvantages of SME going public” as well as “Special deal for SME going public”).

The Entry Standard enables in particular small and medium-sized companies to engage in a simple, rapid and cost-efficient manner in stock exchange dealings. This market segment is accessible to all companies looking for efficient trading of their shares whilst having to comply with minimal formal requirements only. This market is especially attractive to recently founded and well-established small and medium-sized companies which mainly appeal to well-informed investors. GERMAN